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Ram up your Laughter

Ram up your Laughter

Description: This book is meant to both educate and inspire people in terms of what laughter can do to enhance one’s life. We will talk about using laughter to enhance creativity in chapter two and even how you can use laughter to enhance productivity in chapter three. There are many uses for laughter for those in the business world, and businesses may just find that in the end, laughter can even help their bottom line. We will talk about why humor is important for innovation in chapter four and humor and different personality types in chapter five.

Chapter five will also explore the idea of the Enneagram, which is a system of nine personality types. The goal of this writing is to help people better understand how laughter can both enhance and improve their lives. One doesn’t have to be the class clown to appreciate and use laughter because it just may indeed be more useful for those who take like a little more seriously.

Whether you’re a peacemaker, a reformer, a helper, an achiever, an individualist, an investigator, a loyalist, an enthusiast or a challenger, you will find the usage of laughter extremely beneficial.

This book will also explore why learning how to lighten up is good for business and it will also look at humor and its effect on the brain and memory. We will examine the psychology of laughter and laughter and stress relief and ways in which laughter can enhance corporate wellness.

Finally, we will examine laughter as it pertains to the mind/body connection and look at ways in which laughter can enhance one’s health, including examining the idea of laughter clubs and some important research.

You could visit this site to purchase a copy: https://www.ebookit.com/books/0000002149/Ram-Up-Your-Laughter.html